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Report Generated 2023-05-22 21:09:28
Test Location Charlotte, NC, USA
Using Chromium 104.0.5112.79, Lighthouse 9.6.1
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Speed Visualization
0.381 s
0.761 s
1.142 s
1.522 s
1.903 s
2.284 s
2.664 s
3.045 s
3.425 s
3.806 s
TTFB: 2.435 s
Redirect: 0 ms
Backend: 2435ms
First Contentful Paint: 0.96 sTime to Interactive:2.343 sFully Loaded Time: 3.806 s
Onload Time: 3.711 sLargest Contentful Paint: 3.072 s

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88762023-05-22 21:09:282804:431:cfd5:8e66:a898:9eae:f013:b574 View Report Igreja Batista Compaixão | uma Igreja Batista tradicionalUma nova igreja batista tradicional em São Caetano do Sul. Moldada pela bíblia, com amor pela oração, a família e Deus. Igreja Batista independente fundamental
88772023-05-22 21:10:352804:431:cfd5:8e66:a898:9eae:f013:b574 View Report Johnsons 2 Brazil – Serving our Lord Jesus Christ