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Report Generated 2023-05-21 10:17:56
Test Location Charlotte, NC, USA
Using Chromium 104.0.5112.79, Lighthouse 9.6.1
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Speed Visualization
0.766 s
1.533 s
2.299 s
3.065 s
3.832 s
4.598 s
5.364 s
6.13 s
6.897 s
7.663 s
TTFB: 3.818 s
Redirect: 3391.889 ms
Backend: 426.111ms
First Contentful Paint: 4.294 sTime to Interactive:4.48 sFully Loaded Time: 7.663 s
Onload Time: 7.71 sLargest Contentful Paint: 4.798 s

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88392023-05-21 10:17:5671.214.48.175 View Report Pahrump Community ChurchWelcome To Pahrump Community Church Whether you live in Pahrump or are just visiting in the area, PCC is committed to serving you by faithfully proclaiming God’