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Report Generated 2023-03-18 18:45:37
Test Location Charlotte, NC, USA
Using Chromium 104.0.5112.79, Lighthouse 9.6.1
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0.3 s
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1.8 s
2.1 s
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2.7 s
3 s
TTFB: 0.135 s
Redirect: 368.548 ms
Backend: -233.548ms
First Contentful Paint: 1.097 sTime to Interactive:1.122 sFully Loaded Time: 3 s
Onload Time: 1.424 sLargest Contentful Paint: 1.61 s

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IDcreated atCreate IPURLscreenshotreporttitleDescription
68572023-03-18 18:45:3795.94.152.58 View Report NAcloset - Os Produtos mais originaisA Loja online NAcloset tem os produtos mais originais. Beleza, estética, moda, casa e decoração, desporto, utilitários, gadgets, perfumes.
68582023-03-18 18:47:3095.94.152.58 View Report BLOG ARTIGOS E NOTÍCIAS - NAclosetOs melhores artigos, ideias e notícias no Blog loja online NAcloset. Descubra tudo o que podemos fazer por si!