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Report Generated 2022-09-30 11:55:03
Test Location Charlotte, NC, USA
Using Chromium 104.0.5112.79, Lighthouse 9.6.1
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Speed Visualization
0.475 s
0.95 s
1.426 s
1.901 s
2.376 s
2.851 s
3.326 s
3.802 s
4.277 s
4.752 s
TTFB: 0.018 s
Redirect: 191.294 ms
Backend: -173.294ms
First Contentful Paint: 0.778 sTime to Interactive:2.358 sFully Loaded Time: 4.752 s
Onload Time: 2.24 sLargest Contentful Paint: 2.269 s

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10362022-09-30 11:54:512409:4053:2d09:b92:60ce:14c3:cc5e:9e93 View Report home - Healthnia
10372022-09-30 11:55:032409:4053:2d09:b92:60ce:14c3:cc5e:9e93 View Report home - Healthnia